Anne Kearney healed of polio - told by Shaun Kearney

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My name is Shaun Kearney and welcome to the kingdom living web site.

In 1987 our spiritual journey as a family underwent a major change when I jumped ship after 25 years of service as a senior Pastor among the upper echelon of those on the cutting edge of the Charismatic Movement in New Zealand. My reason was I knew that God was no longer at the helm of the movement I had served, loved, and been a part of for so long. It had lost its way and was simply drifting. All the while those in charge were in denial about what was happening.

With my wife and five children to provide for the decision for me to step aside came only after much soul-searching. We made a decision to sell our home and go to the United States to take a sabbatical to re-evaluate everything we had once accepted without question. It was the start of a new voyage where we began to learn about Christ and what He taught about living in His Kingdom. Twenty years later I came back to New Zealand and took stock of what I had once been part of. I saw the fire, which once burned brightly for Christ in some former colleagues had sadly gone out. Among a few it had become a strange fire. As the Apostle Paul said, You did run well, who hindered you? There were some entrepreneurial types who had managed to carve out a niche for themselves on TV, or on the Charismatic speaking circuit. Many were just spectators going through the motions as they wandered from one religious ghetto to another. Others were putting on a front that didnt fool anyone.

I have personally seen how the church-system spiritually castrates men and takes away their headship as the Priest in their own home. Many pew-warmers freely admitted they were only hanging in for the wife and kids. Yet long-after their kids were gone they were still just hanging in, or on. Some said but there was nothing out there except more of the same, so what else could we have done? Sadly more than a few had lost their spiritual appetite and reverted to former lifestyles, as the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the lust of other things had overtaken them.

Anne and I have been outside the system following Jesus and living according to kingdom principals for many years now. Initially we felt isolated, but before long and much to our relief and joy, we found other couples on the Kingdom living pathway whose experiences were similar to ours. We are continually coming across more saints across the land and around the globe, which are also living in the invisible to most Kingdom.

I had many questions requiring answers not just for myself, but for those who began to question us about our walk. Our website is dedicated to this end. It is a resource that provides answers to many difficult questions for those who want to move on with Christ. It provides biblically based responses to those Pharisees who try to scare souls back into their pews. It affords encouragement to hungry hearts that wish to follow Christ when He calls; and it offers comfort when they realize they are not alone, but in fact are part of a growing army of brothers and sisters who had the courage to go unto Him without the camp.

Persecuted saints in China, Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe, have been living this way for centuries.

Sincerely Shaun and Anne Kearney.

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