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Our parents’ generation in many cases were saved in, grew up in; married in; raised their children in; and in some instances stayed in the same church for most of their lives.

It’s true that we live in a distinctly different and more transient society to that of our parent’s, but despite this, their generation was far more stable in every respect than ours today.

Change has been part of human existence in every era; and we accept that, nevertheless we need to be on our guard if we want to maintain our spiritual values in these changing times.

Change is not necessarily bad, but change for change sake can be a risky affair, particularly if all you’re doing is following the Herd. Remember to “Look before you leap”.

Over many years I have witnessed the devolution of many religious systems as they struggled to survive and remain viable in the market. I have observed the rise (and fall) of many superstars who promised much but failed to deliver, and then simply moved on and left the mess behind them for others to clean up.
New programs, about which bold predictions were made, commenced with great fanfare only to grind to a halt when they ran out of steam. Gullible saints had once again allowed themselves to be seduced spiritually, and burnt financially by the rhetoric of another religious spin doctor which their pastor turned loose among them, instead of checking them out beforehand. Weren’t we told to try the try the spirits?

According to Oxford dictionary “Devolution” means “decline and descent through a series of changes”.
In hindsight many church leaders have been completely incompetent. Their records speak loud and clear, and stand mute testimony to their folly.

Luke 14:28 for which of you, intending to build a tower, doesn’t sit down first, and count the cost, whether he has sufficient to finish it?

Luke 16:8. The Lord praised the unfaithful steward, because he had been far-sighted in his dealings. For the sons of this world are wiser in their generation, and more prudent than the sons of light.

Most are theologically incompetent; invisible for six days of the week and incomprehensible on the seventh. Many betray confidences, and like Judas before them proved unworthy of the trust that was placed in them. To draw attention away from the theological absurdities and spiritualistic mumbo jumbo that they exposed their people too, they pretend it never happened.

In all this they have ignorantly set snares for their own feet and for those that were foolish enough to follow them. Caught up in a fog of their own importance; their pride of life; the lusts of their flesh; and their addiction to fine cars and upmarket homes has seduced them.

Those that fall rarely bring forth meat for repentance, but rather go to great lengths to revive their fortunes and get back into a position of power (which is usually a pulpit) ASAP.
Cover ups by leaders are standard practice, while the saints are kept in the dark. The victims of these religious predators are often left to piece their lives together the best way they can.

While the above is correctly judged to be unacceptable by all true saints, let’s remember there is full restoration for all through Godly repentance of sin and faith towards God.

We have equated ‘change with progress’ and ‘knowledge with wisdom’ which is as phony as equating ‘money with happiness’.
This departure from sound doctrine to embrace hocus pocus has plagued the body of Christ during the last century. Consequently we rush in only to repent at leisure over the outcome of our ill-advised actions.

Doug Duncan writes:
My biggest concern is for a general Biblical illiteracy that seems to abound in all forms of the Church. Our crisis comes not so much from external threats and persecution but from inner loss of coherence and confidence. We are fast becoming a culture of irresponsibility where no-one wants to grow up, where no-one wants to take responsibility for their actions.

Post-modernism and liberal theology is not confined to openly ‘liberal’ denominations but also afflicts the Pentecostal, and charismatic churches that in the past have prided themselves in holding to the fundamental truths of the Scriptures end of quote.

Over the years I have witnessed many changes in Christianity, most for the worst.
Some initially commenced as a time of refreshing from the presence of the Lord Acts 3:19-21; and for a season brought blessing, until gross sin and carnal opportunists defiled it.

Most changes have been nothing more than a fad that bordered on cultish practice. In some instances people rushed in like a thirsty herd of cattle. A good example was the “purpose driven church”. Like the Titanic it sank on its maiden voyage; it never reached its destination. These programs never last for long. Unlike the Titanic’s captain who went down with his ship, the perpetrators of these fads survive to seduce again. Deserted remnants often cling to the remains until they too drown in it.

Let’s look at some that arose and then sank over the horizon to finally disappear.
Ywam; the Shepherding movement; Jim Jones and the “cyanide laced coolade”; dominion theology; David Moses of the children of God; Potters House; The Hyper prophetic, the Prosperity movement; Toronto blessing; Pensacola; R.H.Brown and his fiasco at Madison Square Garden; Kansas city IHOP; Tommy Tenny’s the Gate keepers; Cell Church; Open church; Seeker friendly church; Micro church; Wolfgang Simson; Peter Wagoner’s Coalition of Apostles; Holy Oil; Holy smoke; Feathers, Goldust; staking out your territory; prayer walking; generational spirits; Ted Haggard, Telly Evangelists and the forgettable Bam Bam Todd Bentley. We must include the prayer shawl beanie wearing shophar toting messianic gentiles’ draped in Jewish paraphernalia; it’s mind-boggling. One wonders can any good thing come out of organised religion. But it’s more than a joke; it’s heartbreaking to all sensitive Christians; and a matter for deep repentance and prayer.
All the above used a portion of truth to give them traction; this is what makes them so dangerous. How much Cyanide does it take to kill a person?

God on the instalment plan:

A Christian wrote to the IRS saying: “I can’t sleep my conscience is bothering me, find enclosed a cheque for $100. P.S. If I still can’t sleep I’ll send you the balance.
Most Christians never repent, they simply drift along.

Nowadays we have bible studies without bibles; they’re unnecessary because the preacher printed his slant on scripture for you to follow on the overhead.
At some churches alcohol is acceptable at their socials (Hillsong). It breaks the ice and adds to the ambience of the gathering. Don’t get upset with me; check it out; because it’s true! And you that attend know it.
Dances are held for youth to socialize; it keeps them from straying. Sexual promiscuity is admittedly a problem; no matter it’s just as bad among the adults. So just program away; cross your fingers and hope for the best.
A nurse working in outpatients at a large public hospital told me she was embarrassed by the number of Christians that arrived to receive treatment for venereal disease. Don’t worry she never mentioned any names.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the master writer of mystery had a very wry sense of humour.
He chose a dozen friends, and to each sent this same message. “Fly at once; all is discovered.”
Within 24 hours not one of them had remained in the country.
We have salvation without true repentance. Life without intelligence; “Only believe” is only sung for divine healing nowadays. That’s if they still believe in it.

Three things will take place if Christ is in the midst:

  1. Your mind will be informed
  2. Your emotions will be stirred
  3. Your Life will be challenged

No matter how impressive the messenger is; no matter how stirred your emotions become, or how many tears you shed, if you were not challenged to walk in the light with Christ, your gathering is a total waste of God’s good intentions, and your life is in the balance.

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