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Every Church denomination including those of an indigenous nature is a Spiritual Principality with Power. They Govern by constitutions drawn up by themselves (but not by God) to protect their movements as they pursue their goals. They ardently seek to enlist new members to assist them to grow numerically to increase their power and influence. New members must comply when they join if they wish to move up the religious ladder.

Ideally their Clergy should be trained in their institutions, and must to their Superintendant; Bishop; Apostle; or whatever other title they allocate to themselves. All these titled officers take on a life of their own. The pyramid style operates universally in every “denomination”, “local Church” including the so called unstructured “house” church movement” have international Gurus who run seminars for the purpose of setting their agendas. I know because I was asked to leave two because I had another point of view.

They call to all to unify, but promote division and mistrust among themselves. They teach their followers to be suspicious of any that don’t pronounce their “Shibboleths”.

Dear ones stand fast in the Liberty wherewith Christ has set you free, and don’t become entangled with a yoke of bondage. The Covering Doctrine of is a doctrine of Devils and comes straight from Rome, (Babylon). Get my booklet on “Look out they’ve got you covered and read it”.

I am of the same opinion as A W. Pink ‘Exposition to Hebrews’ when he said “In essentials I agree with them all, and in circumstantial details I differ no more than they differ among themselves. They all confess that they are fallible and yet decide with an air of infallibility, and they all in turn expect me to unite with them if I have any regard to the authority and honour of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Head of the church. But the very consideration they propose restrains me from uniting with any of them.

This writer has frequently been asked, “Do you intend to join us?” I do not believe that I should honour the headship and kingly office of Christ by acknowledging Him as the Head of a party and subdivision of His people to the exclusion of the rest.

Every party uses fair words proclaiming their liberty and freedom, but when an explanation is made it always amounts to the same thing. They will give liberty to think as they think, and to act as they act, which to me, who claims the same right of thinking for myself and of acting according to the dictates of my own conscience, is no liberty at all. I stand firm on the convictions I have on my understanding of the word and conclude that I will love them and hold friendly intercourse with them all, so far as they should providentially come across my path. And I might add so far as they will allow me! But that I would stand fast in the liberty in which Christ has made me free and bow neither to them or their creeds.

If others seek to honour Christ by laying great stress on doubtful matters then let them. But I will honour Him by endeavouring to show His kingdom is not of this world. Nor does it consist in pleading for conformity to tenets and parties, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything with God but a new creature, and the faith that works by love”.

How quickly we forget that the just shall live by faith. This is the course that this writer has diligently sought to follow since coming to Christ. But I find it baffling and even amusing if it were not so sad, that some of those that I once walked this path with, have fallen into the same sectarian trap as those they once criticized and labelled Babylonians. And now we find ourselves having to explain why we do not wish to join any sectarian group no matter how loudly they may boast of their broadmindedness and free spirit.

We have found everywhere we have been the ecclesiastical barrier is as impregnable today as it has always been. That no church circle, or company of professing Christians is prepared to really welcome into their midst and extend the right hand of fellowship, (no matter what his reputation and credentials) to anyone who is unprepared to join and limit to their party and pronounce all their shibboleths
In so far as these matters are concerned “let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.” But as far as this writer is concerned he values his Christian liberty far too highly, and considers it sufficient being joined to the Lord as a member of His glorious body.

I do not see the need to join anything more than this. Therefore I have no intention of locking myself up in some ecclesiastic prison to be excluded from fellowship with my brothers and sisters scattered throughout the world. In addition to this matter I am yet to find sinless perfection in any one individual person here on this earth, so I don’t expect to find it in any group of individuals.

No one party or group has all the light. There are those who are quite paranoid about allowing their membership to read any publication that does not have their stamp of approval on it. Some even exercise censorship among their members setting themselves up as an authority higher than the Holy Spirit who has promised to lead and guide us in matters of truth. It would appear that they must feel that their members, whether they be minister or congregational member haven’t the ability to know their left hand from their right. Why else would they insist that any publication should be censored from their administrative headquarters before it is mailed out to their financial members? It’s no wonder God’s Spirit is quenched, and His blessing and power rarely seen where such an unchristian, sectarian, and pharisaic spirit prevails. We are grateful where this is not the case but sadly this is always the case with every denomination.

True maturity comes when we are ready to acknowledge to others and ourselves that we know only in part. This means that while I don’t know everything now, I do know something, and on the basis of what I do know, I must act. Following Christ has nothing to do with success in a worldly sense; it is all to do with obedience.

If you are the member of a group where unsound doctrine is preached and no scriptural discipline is maintained your course is clear, just leave and find some who are true to Christ and His word.
If on the other hand you belong to a group who honour Christ as Lord, and to the best of their ability speak sound doctrine from a true heart and allow you to interact then stay.
The truth of the Lordship of Christ in all the affairs of the Christianity is one of the clearest in scripture.


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