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Welcome to the March issue of the Dovetales Newsletter. We hope it will be thought provoking!

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Your Name Is Not We

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Wake Up Your Name Is Not‘ We’

When Gene Edwards was in New Zealand a few years ago he led us in an exercise of discovery in Romans as he sought to make a point. The conclusion arrived at by Gene’s method of deduction was that, “God wants to deal with us corporately, as a body”.

The problem with that is, when we look into the inspired record we see that the Lord always seemed to call His vessels one at a time.

There was a man sent from God whose name was JOHN. King DAVID was a man after God’s heart. He sent a man before them; JOSEPH to be the Preserver of His people in a time of famine.

The eyes of the Lord run to and fro, seeking to show Himself strong on behalf of those individuals who will seek Him.

In Isaiah God looked for A man and was astonished because He could not find one.

Jeremiah was another to plead with the Lord to spare His people and City for the sake of one man and He agreed that He would; but Jeremiah couldn’t find one. Jeremiah 5:1.

It seemed to me as I searched the record God’s method was to find one individual, like a Gideon, or Moses, etc, prepare that one, empower that one, and then send that one to perform a particular task for Him, in the manner that He called Joshua and commissioned him in Numbers 27:18-19.
Then we have Jeremiah, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations." Jeremiah 1:5

Stop and think, and see how many men and women you can think of that God called in solitude, like when He sent Gabriel to Mary.

We are born one at a time, and although “He sets the solitary in families” Psalm 68:6 we never lose our individual standing before Him. Besides we shall have to give an account of our stewardship to Him as individuals. Matthew 25:

Now let’s take a look at some of the things that are going on currently within the Body of Christ. We have men have taking matters into their own hands as they direct operations in the KOG without a mandate from their Commander in Chief.
Many claim God has told them to do this and that, and then set about to coerce their brothers and sisters in Christ to make commitments to them to help them do their thing. Strong individuals with egos as big as a Adolf have maimed, deceived, and wrecked the lives of countless thousands down through history as they pursued their personal goals. Strong covenant commitments made by individuals to one another and to their leaders should be avoided vehemently at all times. This includes all religious programmers, and their programs. Many are much the poorer because of their involvement in these futile pursuits. Some however feel that being the 2IC under “a somebody” is better than being a nobody. It’s called being the man of God’s amour-bearer. Doesn’t that make you sick? It ought to.

We are not “fodder” to be molded, manipulated and controlled by our brothers and sisters. When they come with an agenda or a model backed up by dubious claims such as, “The Lord has told me” and then seek to solicit your co-operation financially and physically, be very wary. Tell them, “If you believe the Lord has told you, then you had better go do it and stop pestering me”. Remind them that God knows your name, and when He wants you to do something He will speak to you and not somebody else. Pray about everything first. Our relationship is personal. Our walk before Him is to be intimate and individual.

When intimacy ceases we become strangers; no longer can we hear His voice clearly, then we start taking shortcuts; and commence to do dumb things, the final outcome is death. By that I mean the absence of life. Relationships quickly disintegrate into a mire of regret and bitterness among the deceived and the deceivers. That’s why we should examine everything carefully. Things should be done by consensus, the way the early Church did.

Our corporate expression should be seen to be around the cross and not a man in a pulpit. This is the meeting place for believers. And when we come together we must remember Him with bread and wine as He has commanded us to.


Welcome to Mandate Conference 2007.
Our goal is to equip and encourage evangelists and people who want to be active and fruitful in evangelism. We have a mandate from God and we dare not ignore it. We must step up to the challenge of the Great Commission and obey it, no matter how uncomfortable or difficult it may seem to be. We have work to do. We have been charged with the work and we will be held accountable for how we respond to it. We have all been called to take the gospel into the whole world and make disciples of every nation. No one is exempt. We cannot ignore it any longer. We have a mandate... we must move!

Just where do they get this rhetoric from?
Would somebody please help me?

Did God give them this mandate? I think not.
Is what they say really in the Bible?
I’ve been looking and I can’t find anything that resembles it.
I left my old church to get away from this kind of verbal ear-bashing.
I find this kind of relentless rhetoric offensive.
Give me a break please.
If they are so weighed down by the burden of their soul why aren’t they over there leading the charge?
One reason could be they want someone to give them money so they can go. Or perhaps their wives won’t let them?
Have you noticed many of these self appointed agitators are in their roaring forties?
I have great grandchildren; does that make me, an elder?
If I’m a father “where is my honour?”
I have laboured in the word and doctrine for longer than many of these have lived.
If I am a master “Where is my fear?”
No, these purpose driven individuals, just step up to the plate and let fly. That brings us to the subject of “The Great Commission”. Sorry but you’ll just have to be patient; I’ll save that for another time.

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