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Gods Breach of Promise

I Stopped Doing Church

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The covering doctrine or the headship of Christ?
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Numbers 14:34 After the number of the days in which ye searched the land, even forty days, each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty years, and ye shall know my breach of promise or, the altering of my purpose.

Deuteronomy 1: 1-6. Is a warning to another generation not to take refuge in divine sovereignty when God is confronting us with human responsibility?

Somebody once said “If He has something for me then He knows where to find me”. I can assure you, He won’t even bother to look for YOU.

All of God's great movements are timed. The Charismatic movement has been saying for years and years, "you have compassed this mountain long enough" (Sinai). He has said this to every movement. It’s up to us as individuals. Vs 19, “and we came to Kadeshbarnea”.

There comes a time when you can’t go any further in God until you go in. (obey). Vs 21 Fear not, neither be discouraged.
The command was to possess the Land was given without the need to send in spies to see if it could be done. Vs 22 they said we will; - God said “go”. They said we want to have a look first and discuss it.
We will send men before us to see if we can do it. And if we think its possible then we will obey. I Cor 10:13.
Vs 23 And so Moses stooped to pressure, “the saying pleased me well”.

Numbers 13:17 ‘and Moses sent them’.
Vs 18 God has said it’s a good land! Why go and check it out? What does it matter what the size of the opposition is? It’s not easy to be a leader, one that is looked up too, but when you’re the meat in the sandwich what then? In this case it was God or them.
Poor Moses.

The spy plan was not God’s plan. He was condescending to the pressure of the people. Just as He bowed to pressure and gave them kings in Samuel’s day, but it wasn’t His will.
Who needs God when you’re a know-all?)
Numbers 13:2, 3 those men were the heads over the tribes, they were their leaders.

Vs 16. Light in darkness. Why this reference to a change of name? Right in the midst of your failure, I have set a saviour, who shall eventually lead a company in. God is always preparing His Joshua’s in the midst of a disobedient and stubborn dying generation. Hoshea = salvation. Joshua = God is salvation. Vs 16. Vs 21 – 24. As truly
Vs 28.They brought back the evidence and agreed it was just as God said; never-the less they disagreed with Caleb’s report regarding their ability to go up against the giants. Caleb tried to calm the people and urge them not to debate the will of God, let’s just do it he said. But the majority decision prevailed. We call it democracy.
They got a year in the wilderness for every day they were in the land looking and checking it out to see if what God said about it was correct. The obstacles are just as great today in the ongoing purpose. If we sit around to debate and argue we will never go in. If God has spoken then we too must take sides? Whose side?
Vs 31-33. Who told you to review the size of the situation?
The power of prejudice cancels out the Word of God.
Peter at Joppa, and at Antioch, over the Gentiles. Get your bibles out and check it out?
Morale: When you become as a grasshopper in your own eyes it is a terrible thing.
2 Peter 3:3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts. There’s nothing new under the sun. Ch 14: 1-2. Their prayer was answered.
Vs 3 Lets go back to Egypt. But it’s not that easy. You are answerable to God now. In times of ignorance God winks at, but you’re no longer ignorant, because now you know?
You can’t go back – But you won’t to go in? – Because you’re too frightened to go in. It might cost me MY pulpit, MY position, money, prestige etc, etc. They spoke of stoning those crazy preachers?
Vs 5 – 10 Moses the great intercessor.


Vs 24 listen to what God is saying to a pardoned people Vs 34.
Vs 37 – 38 these men (ministers) who brought the evil report all died by the plague.
Did God forsake this disobedient but pardoned people, No! But there were consequences.


It’s no proof that we are walking in the will of God just because we have the cloud and manna. But who wants to live on manna for the rest of their life when milk and honey is just an act of faith away?

Deuteronomy 2:2 supernatural provision was no proof they were in the will of God.
It was covenant mercy not covenant purpose.

The Kingdom is not just destination its vocation.
Remember it was only eleven days journey from Sinai.
Don’t just review the situation, but receive and obey His promise.
That as surely as I live……….



Well that is a good question? But its mainly because we have lots to talk about; things that were ‘Taboo’ and forbidden as long as we were in the Herd; subjects that we felt needed to be out there for fear-free open discussion; out in cyber space where we can all have a good chew on some real spiritual issues.

In 1987 I ‘jumped ship’ after years of service, many of which were spent as a Pastor, and also within the upper echelon of those on the cutting edge of the Charismatic Religious System in NZ and around the world. The reason I did so was because I knew that God was no longer at the helm of a movement I had loved and been part of for so long; and that it was no longer under His control or power, but drifting, without purpose, without a compass, and those on board were unaware of what was happening, or refused to look at what was taking place.

We had five children and no visible means of support, so the decision to step aside came after much soul-searching. We sold our home and went overseas for a sabbatical, during that time we set about to re-evaluate everything we had once accepted without question. It has been a voyage of blessed discovery since that time. After twenty years I came back and took stock of what I had once been part of. I saw the fire which once burned brightly for Christ in some former colleagues had gone out. For a few it had become strange fire. As Paul said, “you did run well who hindered you?” The system emasculates men and takes away their God – Given right to be the Priest in their own home. Many were just sitting on the side of the pathway, going through the motions as they wallowed in a religious ghetto. Some were putting on a brave front that couldn’t fool anyone, but the more entrepreneurial types had managed to carve out a niche for themselves in a pulpit, or on the Charismatic nightclub circuit. Many pew warmers freely admitted they were only hanging in for the wife, and the kids; but although had by now been long gone and they were still hanging in. They say, (to quote some) “but there was nothing out there except more of the same so what else could we have done”. What sort of a response it that I ask you? Sadly not a few had lost their appetite for things spiritual. The cares of this world, deceitfulness of riches, and the lust of many other things had long ago taken hold of them.

We have been outside the system for many years now. Initially we felt isolated, but before long to our relief and joy we found another couple on the Kingdom pathway whose background was similar to ours. Gradually we began to come across more saints in the land, as well as around the world, who were living in the “invisible” (to most) Kingdom. I had many serious questions for which I needed answers; not just for myself, but also for those who began to question our walk. Our website www.kingdomline.com which is presently being upgraded is dedicated to this end. It is a resource that has sound answers for difficult questions which arise when those who want to move on with Christ will surely have. It provides biblically based responses to those Pharisees who try to scare souls back into their pews. It affords encouragement to hungry hearts that wish to follow Christ when He calls, and it will comfort them to realize they are not alone, but part of a mighty growing army of brothers and sisters who took the courage to go “unto Him” without the camp and share the reproach.

P.S. The saints in China, Iran, Korea…… have been living this way for decades.

Sincerely Shaun and Anne Kearney


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